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Swix Cross Country Ski Straps

Protect the investment made in skis by using the Swix high quality ski sleeve. Wrap around design is compatible with race or touring XC [more]

Swix Cross Country Racing Ski Straps

Protect the investment made in skis by using the Swix high quality ski sleeve. Felt lined sleeves separate and protect XC ski bases Compatible with race,XC, skate, or classic skis up to 45mm wide [more]

Swix Locking Cap for PC Handle - 2015

Locking cap for PC-handle, silver [more]

Swix Rectangular Horsehair Brush

Second brush or all round brush on Cera F. 5 to 10 strokes. [more]

Swix KX Klister

This is a complete new klister line based upon new formulas that has a logical build up going from hard to soft, from cold corn snow to extreme wet corn snow. The higher the number, the softer the wax. The KX line is designed for top level competitions as well as recreational skiing. • Better kick… [more]

Swix Liquid Fluorinated Glide Wax

Performance Liquid Glide Waxes Swix Liquid Fluoro Glider takes elements from the most successful glider line in the history, Cera Nova, and combines it with the Swix "Quick and Easy" consept. Together this gives a clean solution for the skier who cares for good glide and comfortable skis with the… [more]

Swix Rectangular Blue Nylon Brush

A fine soft nylon brush for polishing all waxes. 5 to 10 strokes. [more]

Swix Base Cleaner
$21.00 - $40.00
$21.00 - $45.00

150mL Aerosol Clean your skis after races and ski-touring with this handy Base Cleaner aerosol. Formulated to minimize health and fire hazards. 5 fl. oz. 500mL Liquid The active ingredient in the 500 ml is a low aromatic hydrocarbon with good solvent capacity. Formulated to minimize health and fire… [more]

Swix VR-Line - Grip

VR-Line of Fluorinated Hardwaxes The Swix VR-waxes are fluorinated and made for top racing, but have also proved interesting for Recreational and Sport skiers because of excellent properties, particularly around 0°C (32°F). These hardwaxes are characterized by a high degree of flexibility, good… [more]

Swix Rectangular Combi Turbo Brush

This is another handy brush, that some World Cup Technicians use at the race start site for second-run or in between sprints Cera F Solid Turbo application. This brush has natural cork on one side and short, fine nylon bristles on the other. [more]

Swix High Fluor Hard Wax VX

For season 2014-15, we have developed two new waxes designed for racing. These pre-launch now in SWIX RACING CENTER stores around the country. This is the "topping grows" as you put on that last team outside of the second party is growing, up a few layers. After testing shows this to be… [more]

Swix Snow Thermometer with Case

Swix Snow Thermometers are ideal for checking snow and weather conditions in order to choose the correct wax. [more]

Swix Elite, X-Fit

Elite, X-Fit The Elite is made out of the best quality extruded aluminum in order to withstand though usage out in the field. The pole features new developed X-fit strap. The X-fit strap is intuitive and easy to use. Just as easy to enter into as a traditional loop strap. But the performance of the… [more]

Salomon SNS Pilot Jr.

Pilot Jr binding delivering superior control and ease of use. [more]

Swix HFX Fluorocarbon Glide Waxes
$69.00 - $290.00
$85.00 - $340.00

HFX Fluorocarbon Glide Waxes HF stands for High Fluorocarbon. There are 6 main waxes in this category, which are fluorinated hydrocarbon blends having a high percentage of a low-melt point fluorocarbon additive - a result of Cera F technology. The waxes are unique because they provide fast… [more]

Salomon SNS Pilot Sport Classic

Classic binding with improved stability and efficiency of Pilot System [more]

Swix Roto Brush

Nylon Finish and polish brush for all waxes and Cera F. Also preferred by some as "all round" brush. 100 mm wide. Cork High quality cork for Cera F application of Powder, Solid and Liquid. 100 mm wide. [more]

Fischer XJ Sprint
$99.00 - $119.99

The most popular children's and junior boot is a real all-rounder in the snow. The soft sole encourages the natural heel-to-toe rolling motion. SIZES: 25 - 40 SOLE: T4 / T4Jr FIT CONCEPT: Junior BOOTFLEX: soft [more]

Salomon Equipe Carbon Jr

Light weight, composite junior touring pole with EVA junior grip and simple, easy strap. [more]

Fischer Sprint Jr

For sizing please call us toll free at 1 (888) 282-6108. This lightweight Wax ski makes it easier for enthusiastic children to learn the classic style and guarantees rapid progress. LENGTHS: 90-170 SIDECUT: 51-47-50 WEIGHT/LENGTH: 980g/150cm BASE: Sintec LENGTH RECOMMENDATION Sprint 50 - 54 kg 110… [more]

Fischer XC Pro

The entry level boot for extensive tours: with cover flap and practical entry aid nothing can get in the way of comfort in the snow. SIZES: 36 - 48 SOLE: T3 1color FIT CONCEPT: Sport BOOTFLEX: soft COLOUR: Silver [more]

Salomon Equip Classic Jr.

Junior classic racing boot with SNS Pilot sport outsole for control and efficient transmission, and new, S-Lab inspired race design. [more]

Salomon SNS Pilot Carbon RS

New level of Pilot performance and lightweight for skating. Close to the ski racing binding designed to maximize transmission efficiency and swow feel with integrated wedge. [more]

Fischer XC Touring My Style

For skiers on tour. Ladies Fit give the boots a unique fit. Optimum insulation prevents cold feet. SIZES: 35 - 43 SOLE: T3 1color FIT CONCEPT: Lady BOOTFLEX: soft [more]

Fischer Sporty Crown

For sizing please call us toll free at 1 (888) 282-6108. Good-natured ski with proven Premium Crown climbing system. For leisure skiers on the trails. Also available as Wax version. LENGTHS: 172-207 SIDECUT: 52-48-50 WEIGHT/LENGTH: 1.650g/197cm BASE: Sintec LENGTH RECOMMENDATION SHORTCUT > 90 kg… [more]

Fischer XC Comfort Pro My Style
$149.00 - $164.99

Elegance can be so comfortable: the exact tuning to the female foot anatomy and the practical pull-on loop ensure you are in good shape on the trail. SIZES: 35 - 43 SOLE: T4 2color FIT CONCEPT: Lady BOOTFLEX: soft [more]

Salomon Equipe Jr. Pilot

Kid boot for the next generation of champions, including quicklace for easy fit, and a waterproof lace cover. [more]

Fischer RC3 Classic

Proven all-rounder for athletic skiing. This boot stands out through its light weight and easy handling. SIZES: 36 - 48 SOLE: T4 2color FIT CONCEPT: Race BOOTFLEX: soft [more]

Salomon Equipe RC

Lightweight performance meets durability and ease of use with the all carbon Equipe RC for club racers and committed enthusiasts. [more]

Fischer E89 Crown

For sizing please call us toll free at 1 (888) 282-6108. High-quality steel edge ski with Offtrack Crown, a narrower design featuring Nordic Rocker Camber and ultralight Air Tec core for the flat and on gentle climbs. [more]

61 Results
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