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Backcountry Snowshoes

The Range-BC is the next evolution in Atlas's proven record of engineering high-performance backcountry snowshoes for the adventure ready! This innovative design is built around the single-piece Reactiv-Trac Frame with integrated saw-toothed aluminum traction rails providing lightweight stability and traction for backcountry exploration. Adding to the grip provided by the traction rails is the lightweight, low-profile BC Crampon, crafted from tempered steel and bringing the bite needed in the varying snow conditions above tree line. Designed to accommodate larger mountaineering and snowboard boots, the Range-BC's PackFlat Binding features a field-replaceable urethane Z-strap that holds the foot securely. When not in use, the PackFlat Binding allows the snowshoes to nest together for easy and efficient packability. Rounding out the design are 19° heel lifts that reduce calf and tendon strain on those steep ascents. - Terrain: Backcountry - Frame Technology: Reactiv-Trac Frame, Nytex Infinity Decking - Binding Technology: Pack-Flat - Traction Technology: BC Crampon, Full Length Traction - Articulation: Pivot Limiter - Additional Technology: 19° Heel Lift, Rockered Footbed - Features: Heel Lift
The Treeline features Atlas's Spring-Loaded Suspension, a patented design that allows for impact absorption, natural side-to-side flex and deeper crampon penetration for an uncompromised stride. Comfort and security come standard with the Wrapp MTN binding which utilizes the BOA Fit System to provide a fast, precision fit with on-the-fly adjustability. The variable forming of the aluminum Reactiv frame changes from a cylindrical to an elliptical shape to increase strength where the frame bears the greatest load for a stiffer, more responsive snowshoe frame. When coupled with soft, smooth Nytex decking the Reactiv frame provides ample flotation and stability in deeper snow. Hearty, reliable traction is a hallmark of our all-mountain snowshoes and the Treeline is no exception! The forefoot grip of the All-Trac toe crampon and Advanced Aft Traction provide the necessary grip on varying snow conditions. - Terrain: All Mountain - Frame Technology: Reactiv Frame, Nytex Decking - Binding Technology: Wrapp MTN - Traction Technology: All-Trac Toe Crampon, Advanced AFT Traction - Articulation: Spring-Loaded Suspension - Additional Technology: 19° Heel Lift, BOA Fit System, EZ Heel Buckle, Rockered Footbed - Features: Boa Fit System, Heel Lift
The next evolution in composite snowshoe technology has arrived. The Helium-MTN is an ultralight, uber versatile all-mountain snowshoe that brings the tech, but not the weight. It features the Wrapp MTN binding which integrates the BOA Fit System to provide a fast, effortless, precision fit every time. The serrated teeth of the anodized aluminum traction rails provide excellent grip in varying terrain and snow conditions while the aggressive MTN crampon with an aft tang creates 360° engagement around the foot. The louvered design of the Helium deck sheds snow while an underside aft fin keeps the snowshoes tracking straight. Designed to excel in all types of terrain, the Helium-MTN offers maximum traction and comfort to take on any winter hiking challenge. - Terrain: All Mountain - Heel Lift: Yes - Binding Technology: Wrapp™ MTN - Traction Technology: Helium MTN Crampon, Full Length Traction - Articulation: Pivot Limiter - Frame Technology: Helium Deck - Additional Technology: 19° Heel Lift, BOA® Fit System, EZ Heel Buckle, Rockered Footbed - Features: Heel Lift
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