Swix CHX Hydrocarbon Glide Waxes

Swix CHX Hydrocarbon Glide Waxes
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CH stands for Hydrocarbon.

This category has no fluorocarbon material in the blends. They are 100% high performance hydrocarbon paraffins. Although they can be looked upon as an economical racing wax group, the colder waxes perform very well alone, and the warmer waxes make an acceptable base layer for Cera F.

Their colors and temperature ranges coincide with the HFX and LFX Waxes. The CHX waxes can be distinguished from the LFX waxes by their darker shade of color. Comes in 60 gram or 180 gram bar size (CH3 in 30 gram), and also 900 gram packages.

CH3X Cold Powder.
Temperature range from -12°C to -32°C (12°F to -26°F).
This is a special synthetic hydrocarbon powder wax to add to other waxes to increase their durability and to protect the base from ice abrasion. For especially abrasive snow, such as newly man-made snow, apply the wax of choice and then iron. While the wax is still in liquid form, or at least still warm, sprinkle CH3X over the wax. Even a generous amount will not effect glide. Then iron the CH3X powder into the wax layer. Allow cooling, then scrape and brush away the excess.

Temperature range from -12°C to -32°C (10°F to -25°F).
Recommended iron temp: 155°C (311°F).
A new cold hydrocarbon wax for extreme cold conditions, which can perfectly be used alone as a race wax when the air humidity is low. It performs very well on artificial snow and has a great durability.
In the warmer part of the temperature range, and when high air humidity, Cera F powder, such as FC04X will increase the performance.

Temperature range from -8°C to -14°C (18°F to 7°F).
Recommended iron temp: 150°C (311°F).
The 5 series is brand new for the Cera Nova X line, and fulfill a hardness gap between the 4 and the 6 series. It’s easier to apply than the 4 series, but provides outstanding glide properties within its temperature range, and has a great durability.
CH05X can be used as a race wax alone, but is often used as a base for Cera F powder, such as FC05X.

Temperature range from -5°C to -10°C (23°F to 14°F).
Recommended iron temp: 145°C (293°F).
Our std. CH6 has been a success in the Cera Nova system, and through comprehensive testing we have not found anything better.
It is an economic training and racing wax as well as a base prep wax for cold skis. CH06X has high durability and offer great performance in most snow conditions as well as on artificial and glacier snow.

Temperature range from -2°C to -8°C (28°F to 18°F).
Recommended iron temp: 140°C (284°F).
A new and improved wax that performs great in normal winter conditions below the freezing point. Its hardness makes it convenient to work with and easy to get a good end-result.
It is an economic training and racing wax as well as an all round base prep wax.

Temperature range from -4°C to 4°C (25°F to 39°F).
Recommended iron temp: 130°C (266°F).
A continuation of the std. CH8. An economic training and racing wax as well as base prep wax for warm skis. Easy to melt and very convenient to work with.

Part Numbers

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CH3X Cold Powder / 30g swch03x CH324388932S
CH4X / 60g swch04x-6 CH425845363S
CH4X / 180g swch04x-18 CH426653995S
CH5X / 60g swch05x-6 CH53274173S
CH5X / 180g swch05x-18 CH533362457S
CH6X / 60g swch06x-6 CH622137225S
CH6X / 180g swch06x-18 CH623955920S
CH7X / 60g swch07x-6 CH725566633S
CH7X / 180g swch07x-18 CH726722364S
CH8X / 60g swch08x-6 CH819746195S
CH8X / 180g swch08x-18 CH820508378S